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Interior Design & Home Staging Service

Whether you simply need some advice and ideas to get your project started, or would like design assistance throughout a complete renovation from conception to finish, we would love to help you create your perfect space!

In-home Consultations and Room Makeovers 
We offer in-home design and decorating consultations at an hourly rate, where we can assist with everything from space planning to furniture and finishing suggestions to colour recommendations.  We also offer complete room makeovers, which would include everything in a consultation, plus implementation of the proposed design, including sourcing and purchase management of finishing and decor selections and the coordination of any renovation services, if needed.

Design and Renovate
In conjunction with our renovation team, we offer complete design and renovation services including interior design planning and permit drawings.  Floor plans, colour consultations, lighting plans and finishing selections, including sourcing and purchasing, are included with any full service design and renovation project.  Architectural and mechanical plans can be produced through our highly experienced and reliable partner firms at a preferred cost, or you can have them produced by your architect and/or engineer of choice.  Working closely with the Project Manager, your approved design is then executed.  Having your project completed by a company with both design and renovation services under one roof has multiple benefits, including:


Unified quality control and communication

With your designer and contractor on the same team, the responsibility for quality control falls under one umbrella, from start to finish. A more streamlined quality control process results in a lack of disputes between designer and contractor, as well as less risk for you.  You will have one main point of contact that will be able to effectively communicate any pertinent information to all necessary parties.  At Firmbuilt, our Design Consultant and Project Manager work closely together so that issues can be worked out before they become an issue for you.


Faster project completion and time savings

Working with a designer and contractor at the same time streamlines the process of planning and preparing for your renovation, and reduces the chance of errors because there is enhanced communication between the two.  In addition, our Design Consultant will also save you countless hours of time researching products, brands and prices for all the necessary materials needed to complete your project, and where to purchase them, since we take care of that for you.  We also coordinate the purchasing of all materials and delivery to your home at the appropriate time.


Cost savings

While it may seem counter intuitive that another person on the payroll would save you money, a good designer will end up saving you more money than their services cost. The goal of our Design Consultant is to use their design knowledge coupled with their on-site construction experience to help you avoid costly design mistakes. We can also direct you to a network of preferred suppliers and assist you to choose products that fall within your budget when it comes to finishing selections.


Less Stress and less work for you!

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your own home and being presented with samples of quartz for your new kitchen countertops. Your Design Consultant also has with them a sample of the cabinets and backsplash tile you already decided on, and now you just have to pick your countertop. All of the samples being shown to you are in a style and colour you like, and are within your budget. You didn't have to spend hours on Google trying to figure out if you should go with granite or quartz, because the differences were explained to you during your design consultation. You didn't have to drive around to multiple quartz suppliers, to try and find one that both fell within your budget and seemed to do good quality work, because we already have relationships with reliable and high quality suppliers. Having someone to simplify the renovation process for you, provide expert design advice and solutions, plus answer questions knowledgeably along the way, removes a layer of stress from a renovation and can even make the process fun!


Decorating and Home Staging


At the end of your project, take advantage of our decorating services, to add those finishing touches that can really pull a room together. Window coverings, area rugs, art and decor are sourced and installed for you to give your space that 'wow' factor! If you are looking to sell your home we also offer home staging services to help you sell your house faster and for top dollar! A staging consultation with a written report of suggestions can give you a game plan that you can then execute yourself. Or sit back and let us take care of everything from furniture rentals, home repairs and even cleaning services, to get your home completely market ready!

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